Rising Star for NASCAR and Scott’s Recreation

Bob Zagami had the chance to interview Reid Lanpher, the General Manager of Scott’s Recreation in Turner, ME.

Mature beyond his 19 years, Reid has established himself as a proficient RV professional in the family business that was started by his dad, Scott, in 1994. They have a second location in Manchester, ME. In addition to selling RVs, they also sell virtually any kind of trailer an outdoor enthusiast would need, along with power sports equipment such as ATVs and snowmobiles and waterfront decks.

As one of Maine’s largest RV dealers, they sell a variety of towables and motorhomes and do extremely well with family-friendly bunk bed models and lightweight trailers that can be towed by half-ton pickups – a very popular item in Maine.

Scott’s Recreation gives their employees the day off on Sunday to spend time with their families, however they do something very unique at the dealerships – all of their units are open and customers can visit and tour the units, on their own time, and without any employees onsite. They can then return to the dealership to buy the RV of their choice, after making their selections in a non-sales situation and at their own pace.

Now, we started this article saying that Reid is a young man going places. Reid has been racing “something” since he was five years old. Starting with dirt bikes, he worked his way up to go-karts, modifieds, late models and up to the NASCAR Pro Series at Beech Ridge Speedway in Scarborough, Maine. One wall at the Turner RV dealership showcases his many trophies in motorsports, and it is very impressive.

Just a few weeks ago Reid won the 2017 Pro Series Championship and the 2017 NASCAR Whelan All American Series Championship for the State of Maine. This young man’s accomplishments in business and on the track are well beyond his 19 years and he will continue to achieve great things in his career – at the dealership and in a racecar.

Well, Reid tells us he started dirt-bike riding at age 5 and then broke his back. So he started driving go-carts and moved up to super models at NASCAR.

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