The Subject is Boondocking with the Wendlands!

The Subject is Boondocking... with the Wendlands!

Mike and Jennifer Wendland of Roadtreking.. RV Lifestyle, joined us on October 31st for a good discussion on boondocking, which is dry camping in your RV. The Wendlands have a huge following on their YouTube channel and create frequent videos, podcasts, etc. on the lifestyle. Their choice of RV is the Class B. Jennifer says she loves the Class B because it's so easy to drive and park anywhere..

The Wendlands receive so many questions about boondocking that they decided to write an e-book on the subject!

Details and pricing of the “Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking” can be found at

The book is available for instant download.

For more information contact Mike Wendland,(248) 895-2786 or

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